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BUSINESS Q & A with Hi-Y Farm

There are so many entrepreneurs and small businesses to celebrate and get to know in Chautauqua, Cattaraugus, and Allegany Counties. Spend some time with us as we get to know one of them! Did you know that Hi-Y Farm was originally established in 1950? Let’s learn a little more about Hi-Y Farm.


What gave you the Idea for your business?

Our family farm, Hi-Y Farm was originally established in 1950 by our grandparents and was a beef and dairy farm for years. After their passing, we began to research how we could reenergize the farm and help it grow and thrive moving ahead, while still holding on to the traditions of family, hard work, and innovation that they created. In 2017, Hi-Y became licensed research partners in the New York State Hemp Pilot program and we haven't looked back! We continue to grow and research to drive the industry in New York State -- and at home in Cattaraugus County – and keep looking ahead to what is next!

How/when did your business start?

While the farm has been in operation for several decades, Hi-Y Farm Hemp and all development activities surrounding that concept began in 2017. This year, we are also proud to offer our first retail product and to continue to add other components to the farm, like beef and flowers, that will make it viable for years to come. A goal for 2022 is to kick off the hemp processing portion of our operation.

How many employees are there?

We are a family-run operation with no outside employees currently.

What makes your business unique?

Our focus on industrial hemp, alone, makes us unique. While there are many growers throughout the state, we were one of the first 25 to be growing and are one of only a handful of local growers. We also focus on growing and researching hemp fiber, which is not grown as widely.

What do you want the community to know about your business?

We want the community to know that while we are working to make our operation thrive – we are committed to a larger goal of helping other small farms grow as well. Please reach out to us at – we love to connect with other like-minded individuals in our region.

What about your business makes you proud?

We are proud to carry on the work that our grandparents began many years ago. Additionally, we are proud that we are working as a family toward a goal and have not let obstacles deter us from making progress. We also are proud to be working for the greater good – reenergizing agriculture in our region so other small farms can grow and thrive. Lastly, we are extremely proud to launch our first product – Saving Face Beard Balm! You can preorder now and product will be shipped by December 15: Saving Face Beard Balm | Hiyfarm

How has the SBDC helped your business?

The SBDC has been an extremely helpful resource – especially as we navigated the launch of our first retail product. While it is their job, of course – when meeting with the team, you can feel the genuine interest and energy they put toward helping you grow and meet your business goals. We send our thanks to them!




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