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Former SBDC at JCC Intern named Business Development & Operations Associate for OBDC

Sean Campbell has been named Business Development & Operations Associate for the Olean Business Development Corp., Bob Forness, OBDC’s President and Executive Director, said. Campbell, a recent graduate of Pitt-Bradford, will oversee management of OBDC’s The Hub and assist with coordinating the Laine Business Accelerator program.

“Sean comes to this position with valuable experience as an intern with our organization,” Forness said. “His internship was provided by the Small Business Development Center of JCC and has given him a strong foundation to hit the ground running.”

Campbell also credited the internship with his eagerness to accept the position.

“My experience interning with this quality organization exposed me to the many initiatives we are involved in,” he said. “I’m looking forward to using my skills to help better our entrepreneurial community.”

Campbell’s degree is in Business Management with a concentration in Finance.



Mar 01

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