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Additional Resources

Business Basics Start-Up Guide

This resource provides start-up information for the small business entrepreneur, including guidance writing a business plan, developing a marketing strategy, and financing your business.  The guide includes templates and worksheets to help you understand basic financial statement terminology and to begin building out your projections.


NYS SBDC Research Network

The NYS SBDC Research Network is one of the most advanced business information resources in the country. Located in Albany, NY, the Research Network provides NYS SBDC advisers with the latest economic, demographic, regulatory and other data that can have an impact on small business. They have a wide range of invaluable resources available and do an outstanding job of supplying pertinent, relevant and up-to-date information that will help the small business entrepreneur with business start-up or expansion.


Chautauqua County Business Permit Center

The Chautauqua County Business Permit Center (CCBPC) provides a one-stop source for permits and licenses required by local municipalities, Chautauqua County, New York State, and the Federal government. The CCBPC can research and assemble a permit package to be mailed to the client.  The customized packet includes a listing of the permits required for the specific business, information sheets, and copies of the applications, as well as agency contact information.


BidLinks  - Government Contract Bid Matching Service

Bidlinx™ is an on-line program that is a free service to New York State SBDC clients. It can help identify and locate government agencies that can purchase your goods and services by monitoring over 2000 bid sources daily and sending the opportunity to you via email. Bidlinx™ is a web-based service that monitors procurement possibilities from federal agencies, New York State agencies, county and local governments in all 50 states and US territories. The government is the largest purchaser of goods and services in the world. Grow your business by learning how to access these market opportunities.


Entreskills – Introduction to Entrepreneurship

EntreSkills is an interactive, web-based program that is available to SBDC clients at no cost. It provides students with an introduction to entrepreneurship and the skills needed to start and operate a business. Resources include: a series of activity worksheets, website resources, entrepreneur case studies, entrepreneurial videos and an electronic newsletter for educators. 


Credit-free Seminars and On-Line Training

Credit-free programs are offered through the Center for Continuing Education at JCC each semester. Courses presented address many topics targeted to business development. On-line programs are offered through Blackboard On-Line Training. Further information on current schedules is available on SBDC and JCC websites listed below.


Business Basics Online – The Smart Start To Your Business!

Have you thought about the possibility of owning your own business? Being your own boss? Is it hard to find time in your busy life to develop your business idea? If you have internet access you can work on this ten module non-credit course on your own schedule. This great tool will help to organize your ideas and develop a business plan. The valuable worksheets and templates can be saved to your computer or portable device for future use.  Click HERE for more details.


Entrepreneurship Certificate Program

You bring the idea, the passion, and the drive. We’ll supply the tools you need to support your business venture.  Completed online or in the classroom, JCC’s entrepreneurship certificate program will provide you with an opportunity to develop your entrepreneurial skills with an understanding of accounting, marketing, business law, and management as they relate to business ownership. Through electives, you will have the opportunity to explore various areas of business and add a more in-depth level of skill that you can use in becoming a successful entrepreneur.