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A Small Business Success Story: Gypsy Moon Cake Company

This week, leading up to Small Business Saturday, we’re featuring a few local business owners who embody the entrepreneurial spirit! Today we’re featuring Jennifer Coan, owner of Gypsy Moon Cake Company.

Tell us how you got your start.

For several years, I struggled as a starving artist. I had previously studied photography, fashion design and painting. After having 3 children, I realized I had to build something to enrich their lives, and to hopefully pass on to them someday.

What do you love about owning a small business?

I love the creative freedom, building a close-knit, locally based clientele, and being a part of so many important milestones in family’s lives. I have done many weddings which have lead to baby showers, then first birthdays…all the way through Sweet 16s and graduations!

What is the biggest challenge you face as a small business owner?

The biggest challenge is the number of hours required and the physical demands of the baking business. Getting started was complicated - The SBDC guided me through every step to obtaining my space, licensing, grants, loans, you name it! The dream couldn’t have been realized without the SBDC.

How is Gypsy Moon Cake Company celebrating the holiday season?

This Saturday, we are celebrating our one-year anniversary at our 205 Cherry Street location in downtown Jamestown. We’ll have lot’s of sweet festive treats for shoppers and a preview of our gorgeous holiday confections. We’re also having some fun with an “After Hours” Xmas parade cookie and hot chocolate event. All month we’ll have a HUGE selection of gingerbread and sugar cookie cutouts. And since our cookie decorating classes have been such a big hit, so we’ll be doing more of those.

That sounds incredible! How can folks find out more?

Visit us at our 205 Cherry Street location or you can find us on Facebook at the Gypsy Moon Cake Company.

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