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BUSINESS Q & A with Date'd Nutrition

There are so many entrepreneurs and small businesses to celebrate and get to know in Chautauqua, Cattaraugus, and Allegany Counties. Spend some time with us as we get to know one of them! Did you know that Dated Nutrition sells their products in NY and PA? Let’s learn a little more about Dated Nutrition.

What gave you the Idea for your business?

We started our business for one reason. To reconstruct the food industry by providing transparency and innovation.

How did your business start?

We took time to learn the laws behind the FDA and how to source ingredients ethically and sustainably. With time, we found our sense of identity and used that to manufacture our products. We are set to be the first to the market with our raw, dairy-free cinnamon rolls, so we love to constantly live up to that fact by representing leadership through authenticity.

When did your business start?

Our business was established at the end of 2020, but has now been scaling to become a nationwide brand.

How many employees are there?

We currently have 2 employees.

What makes your business unique?

Our business is incredibly unique due to our marketing and what we have to offer. By being innovative, transparent, and flirtatious, we have been able to grow a rapid demand.

What do you want the community to know about your business?

We want the community to know that we are incredibly dedicated to giving back and creating opportunity for students involved with St. Bonaventure and JCC. We want to be the stewards of the Laine Business Accelerator. We have built our business around providing a source so we plan to see that through entirely.

What about your business makes you proud?

We are incredibly proud to know that we have created a product that will be first to the market. It’s not easy to be innovative in the food industry. With our culinary background and hard work, we have made the impossible, POSSIBLE!

How has the SBDC helped your business?

For starters, I actually worked alongside the PA SBDC to launch Dated Nutrition. I absolutely love to research all things, so I was very much aware of the SBDC and what it had to offer. Now that our business has relocated to Olean, NY, we have been absorbing any and every resource that has been presented to us. We love that if you have a question, the SBDC will work diligently to serve you and your needs when developing a start up!



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